Breast Actives Foro Femenino

FEMARELLE use Carmen De La C├ímara, Madridcomence in September 2011 (16 months), at the suggestion of my obstetrician-gynecologists to try to mitigate the effects of menopause. Previously he had taken pills and oestrogen patches, but after 5 years it was desirable, taking estrogen. My gynecologist told me that Femarelle has a very innovative and effective treatment that isoflavones or plant estrogen, it warns me also remarkable effect after 2 months of treatment. Regularly Femarelle (2 capsules a day) and noticed that the typical symptoms of menopause have reduced enough (less than hot flashes, I sleep better, improved vaginal dryness, etc,) is true that taking melatonin at night to 1 mg. I hope to continue using Femarelle for awhile (I am 59 years old and a very active life sports(, etc). I started in September of 2011 (16 months) with FEMARELLE, as per my gynecologist attempt to mitigate the effects of menopause. It had been previously determined after processing patches of estrogen and tablets, but after five years, it was desirable, taking estrogen. My gynecologist Femarelle treatment told me that it was very new and more effective that isoflavones estrogen or plant, also I realized that the effect was noticeable after 2 months of treatment. Regularly taking Femarelle (2 tablets) and we found that the typical menopause were sufficiently symptoms (vaginal dryness has improved much less hot flashes, sleep better, and so on). ) The same night while taking melatonin 1 mg. I look forward to using Femarelle for awhile (I am 59 years old and a very active life, sport, work etc,). Ms. Sandra Cooper, Charlotte, NC, USAI had completely annually does not work. I had hot flashes 24-7. My work, my dream and lives have been affected. I've improved Femarelle for 5 days and all the symptoms. I recommend your product to all my friends. Ms. Jane Markov, Ridgefield, NJ, United States, I say thank you, Femarelle manufacturers! … I was suffering from symptoms of menopause misery. My gynecologist suggested as Femarelle and effective, estrogen-free, I feel again. Five weeks later, I am almost symptom-free. Hot flashes and night sweats have diminished, and my dream is deeper and more relaxing. I have other products that the symptoms of menopause, and nothing compared to Femarelle tries to relieve something. Thanks again for your superior product and the return of health and well-being. MS Merethe Mikkelsen, Norwegian musician USI on thank you! I'm A jazz musician. , United States of America to live and had problems in recent years. These last three weeks have been like a permanent dream! I suffer from joint pain. It was not only painful, but also embarrassing when I saw after hours in the car, that it is very common here in Los Angeles, an 80-year-old woman to get out of the headquarters. So I have a hypersensitivity to noise, which had all the things in my line of business, make use of the dishwasher as the noise becomes unbearable at night. Ear plugs have become my best friends, concerts, the beach and other places in the city. However, it is incredible, how fantastic is my life has changed. My husband and I are very grateful for … now I have energy and joy in my life, and finally and above all, not angry with small incidents; my reactions were a burden for both of us. I was angry and ill tempered in the description. Recently, I have my FSH numbers, and I am in perimenopause. These last three weeks have been beyond description to me and that I love! Thanks a lot!!!Martha Kellogg, Miami, Florida, United States could my doctor more than one month ago a product tell me take two times a day and that it did not estrogen therapy. The product was Femarelle. You see, I have all the controversy over 16 years on estrogen replacement therapy and follow estrogen and due to my breast cancer several biopsies of breast, abnormal mammogram and breast cancer in the family history. I feel relieved that I finally have a product that really touches me with my symptoms of menopause and health aid. Believe me when I say that I searched, unsuccessfully, for an alternative to what was until I tried Femarelle. I have noticed a breast actives foro femenino significant change of the flashes, and has improved my model of the dream. And finally I'm out of estrogen, which has been cause for great concern, after being diagnosed a sister to breast cancer. Now I'm my life with a natural product, management, which is an advantage for me!Linda of Wallington, Surrey, UKI now has real hot flashes or night sweats. I started taking Femarelle, was as if I had born again. It has completely changed my life. Debbie M. of the United Kingdom. Hi, I took Femarelle, I ordered two weeks ago. I am 48 years old, I have 6 babies and are sterilized in 2006. During the last 4 months I have some terrible flushes, day and night, and terrible mood swings. After research, I thought it was estrogen low, and instead of hormone replacement therapy, I was looking for an alternative solution. After three days, I have noticed a difference. Now I am on the day and suffer few at night already is not under the hot flashes. This is because as Femarelle, which just began after 14 months at all and ovulation in ovulation. I will continue to take, as the only one you have to help me. Believe me tried it all vegetable etc.!I wanted to give you information. Thank you! Greetings from Debbie,.