Breast Actives Funziona

13 09 2014 Dr. Ching and his staff was excellent in their work and their care. When I went, Ching Dr I pretty much fear and panic, because the last dr, the operation has undergone a terrible job, and had operations, their mistakes to correct. This is not because I ever was how much. This doctor was Dr. not at low prices. The price was the cost of Dr. Ching. I had breast implants in about 12 years ago. Had 4 children and 4 children of nursing after breast cancer not in good condition was. The original doctor, the implants, did was wonderful and I didn't until a few years ago lost a hand problems and I had to go to replace the prosthesis. I returned to my original dr. but he retired and sold his company to another doctor. All nurses was still in my original operation that we have worked. And all those who I have assured that this new dr, which all have the same thing after my original in dr. And he was good at what she did. I trusted. I said it would be a two-hour operation and was eight and a half hours. My family never explain why it has taken so long. He developed infections, which gave me antibiotics, I had my doctor and my doctor gave me antibiotics. Then there were many complications and I had to use this narrow belt around the pages for 6 months, 24 hours, a day has to get me Phnewmonia because my lungs could not breathe as well as many other complications require 4 operations which the mistakes can be corrected, which he has committed. Never gave some painkillers and I tried the following operations with a room that I had never enough sleep. I have a lot of pain when I came home and had to be admitted to a block of pain and ability to soothe my body in the hospital. Ultimately, another surgery to fix your problem and my family no longer say what I wanted to do. Led me to Mr. Ching for a second opinion. Because of all the healing and stress and pain as I was not able to work, travel or dancing for a few years and used a lot of money the travel from the island of Honolulu for surgery, checkups, and follow and see another doctor for painful questions breast actives funziona developed operations. When I went to Dr. Ching, he and his staff were friendly and extensively was very knowledgeable and well informed, as he spoke to me and told me about the depth and worked with my General doctor to make sure everything was okay. Mr. Ching was excellent! The surgery went great! Pain was great. Cleans faster finally surgery surgery, in conjunction with other Dr staff was friendly and sweet. I never feel, I was also issues or additional copies of everything. As another doctor gave me his notes of the surgery much asked, and refused, abit is his notes to me obsessed with Dr. Ching request copies of their notes and everything else signed. Dr. Ching and his staff was very understanding, and never refused to clarify, on all my wishes or something like that. My experience with Dr. Ching was very good, I am very grateful, very grateful for their wonderful work. Now I'm not ashamed to wear clothing with a lower NecklineBefore because a part was my nipple above the BRA line and it was impossible to carry something, do not appear. I am very satisfied with the result. Only Dr. Ching had surgery to repair the massive Bubu. .